Monday, 10 June 2013

Photo London Workshop 7.0 (2013)

The 7th year of Photographing London has seen highly independent and dedicated photographers (Peter, Kelvin, Yasnely,  Jame, Jean, Jackson, Malcom, the two Mikes and Saron- in her fifth year!). 

With the Emirate Air Line opening shortly after last year's workshop, I took my students across the river (
incl. someone with fear of hight!) and crossed the river. To get there we walked last year's River Walk backwards: starting at Charlton Railway station. 

It was great to see yet again a different part of London, which has changed.  Some of my work from the last few years "Along the River" can be seen on my new Wordpress blog and on my Website

Here is our Photo London Flickr group:

And here are some of the student results:

Peter Van Veen




Jean Commings

Jackson Harrington


Mike Bassett

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