Tuesday, 9 July 2013

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Monday, 10 June 2013

Photo London Workshop 7.0 (2013)

The 7th year of Photographing London has seen highly independent and dedicated photographers (Peter, Kelvin, Yasnely,  Jame, Jean, Jackson, Malcom, the two Mikes and Saron- in her fifth year!). 

With the Emirate Air Line opening shortly after last year's workshop, I took my students across the river (
incl. someone with fear of hight!) and crossed the river. To get there we walked last year's River Walk backwards: starting at Charlton Railway station. 

It was great to see yet again a different part of London, which has changed.  Some of my work from the last few years "Along the River" can be seen on my new Wordpress blog and on Cargo Collective.

Here is our Photo London Flickr group: 


And here are some of the student results:

Peter Van Veen




Jean Commings

Jackson Harrington


Mike Bassett

Saturday, 17 November 2012

Media4us photography project 2012

In June 2012, Jon Santa Cruz and I delivered a one day photography workshop during the MEDIVA Conference as part of the Media4us project:"New perspectives on migrants in the media". This is an innovative project with the aim of "helping migrants get their stories and photos published in the mainstream media." I look forward to see what they made of it.

Their unique migrant perspectives on the news will be showcased in an insert in The Metro on 20th November 2012 as part of the Media4us project.  

Sara Wickert, project co-ordinator, says: “Migrants in the UK are often misrepresented in the media. Media4us provides an opportunity for migrants to get their stories told and the public read articles that wouldn’t normally appear in the mainstream press.

Here a few images from the photo workshop the brief being "People and places in Holloway Road". The aim was to capture the diversity of London's Holloway Road.  I would like to thank Sara Wickert and Eugenia Markova for getting me involved. Read on below for more info on the project and contacts for the Migrants Resource Centre (MRC). The project is supported by the EU Integration fund.

Image © Zabihullah Liwal
Image © Makgano Bopape


Image © Angelina Papamichael

Image © Rebecca Soliman

The Media4Us project has developed migrants’ skills in creating news articles and using photography to tell their stories while also providing them with transferable skills for employment. MRC’s service users were given training in journalism and photography and encouraged to take part in an EU-wide journalism and photography competition. 

The project, run by the Migrants Resource Centre (MRC) and funded by the EU, is a partnership of agencies across Europe, all of whom will have an insert produced by migrants in The Metro newspaper on 20th November 2012.

To see all of the articles and photographs produced by migrants as part of the project, visit:  www.media4us.org.uk. Also check out the insert in The Metro on 20th November 2012.


Contact:  Sara Wickert on 0207 834 2505 Ext 106 or saraw@migrants.org.uk

Contact:  Jasmin Bukic on 0207 8342505 or jasmin@migrants.org.uk

Media4usmedia4us is a European Integration Fund-financed project with activities in the UK, the Netherlands, Italy, Belgium, Hungary, Sweden, Czech Republic and Germany. In the UK media4us is led by the Migrants Resource Centre

The Migrants Resource Centre
Migrants Resource Centre is a national charity based in London and was founded in 1984.  MRC works with refugees, asylum seekers and migrants to effect social justice and change, and to enable users to fully participate in society in the UK.  MRC carries out the following activities for the benefit of its users:
  • Legal advice services
  • Community based training and educational opportunities
  • Online centre
  • Crèche support
  • Health access advice
  • Information, advice and guidance on employment and training
  • Media and policy work.

Registered Charity No: 291789  Registered Co. No. 01911662
Registered Office:
24 Churton Street
Tel: 020 7834 2505
Fax: 020 7931 8187

Thursday, 10 May 2012

Photographing London 2012- the works

"Photographing London" is now in it's 6th year and despite the risky date we managed to have a good day out. We were extremely lucky to have escaped the rain during the trip on the 22nd April. However, we were hit by heavy showers on our way home!

A small selection of images presented by the photographers in week 2 are displayed below. We tried to find a thread in the work and edited towards a theme for each photographer.

The participants were: Rohanna, Stephen, Karin, Shan, Alex, Phillip, Louise, Meg, Maria.

Images left © Julia Horbaschk

My next workshop starts 26th May and is hosted by City College: http://www.ccb.ac.uk/public/college-life/photographing-Brighton

For more images from the course visit our Flickr group: http://www.flickr.com/groups/photolondon

Images by 2012 participants of "Photographing London":
© Stephen Shaw

© Saron Richards

© Shankar K. Eham

© Louise Workman

© Phillip Howell

© Alex Laxton

Monday, 27 February 2012

Ideas generation- Photo Fringe 2012

I am revising a few ideas for my own work (and potentially this year's Photo Fringe). Today, I continued my mind mapping and edited one image from each test. The ideas have been sitting in my notebook for a while now! You can see the work in progress below.

It's not easy to generate new ideas but even harder to stick with them and create something half decent from it! Especially if you want your work to be contemporary and without cliches (as suggested by Martin Parr). At the last ArtsFORUM, Martin Seeds' project "I have troubles" has inspired me to try once again. Come back sometime and check how the ideas develop...

"The landless generation"
Work I have started out on in summer 2011 along the back roads of Shoreham Port. The project is inspired by Fay Godwin's "Our forbidden land" which comments critically on the claim of public land for private use by co-operations/government.

Since arriving in the UK in 1999, I have noticed how little investment is given to recreational areas allowing swim, rest and play. These images explore the potential of "shared space" and its need for this generation.


This project is a comment on our current economic situation. There has been a resurgence of buying and selling second hand goods with a view towards sustainability.

The project aims to look at the value we place on objects (quality vs. quantity vs. price vs. usability). It is an attempt to a multi-layered approach encompassing objects and portraits. I have started image making in November 2011 photographing at car boots sale.

At this stage I am exploring where my motivation for taking these images comes from and if these projects have anything that ties them together. The titles are working titles and subject to change... Some of the work is shot on medium format, some on my mobile and some on vintage film cameras found at car boots sales. See results here: http://www.flickr.com/photos/freshandwild/sets/72157629000113363

I would also like to involve a group of photographers opening a photo stall/live shoot.
Get in touch for more info: j.horbaschk@gmail.com